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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Featured Artist.....2 Hungry Bros & 8thW1 & Homeboy Sandman "Harm Music"

If it wasn't for such great fans where would we be. Just like Chubb Rock said in "Treat Em Right". Since we love that era so much, we've decided to hit you with a treat! Here's "HARM MUSIC" on BANDCAMP, the sun's shining bright, the BBq's are about to Jumpoff! House parties.... In the spirit of Back For SECONDS and Lots of Fun, 2 Hungry Bros present to you 8thw1 and Homeboy Sandman "HARM MUSIC". This is a modified version of the single "NO HARM" with 8thw1 and Homeboy Sandman. The original, which will be available on June 15th, features Reef the Lost Cauze andVon Pea (TANYA MORGAN) as well. Go to Itunes, Amazon, every digital market on June 15th 2010!

AOK Collective & Domination Recordings are happy to announce the official date for the release of the eagerly anticipated album "No Room For Dessert" from 2 Hungry Bros & 8thw1 is July 27, 2010. Smack dab in the middle of the summer.

1. Say My Name Right
2. Poppers
3. Can't Win 'Em All
feat. P.So & Fresh Daily
4. Talkin'
5. Short and Sweet
6. No Harm
feat. Reef the Lose Cauze, Von Pea & Homeboy Sandman
7. Stupidface
8. Skywriter
feat. Brokn Englsh
9. Everday
10. More Go
Introducing Janelle Renee
11. Be On You
feat. Sleepwalkas

About the release: It's easy to argue hip-hop is no longer the fierce art-form it used to be. Gritty kicks and punching snares have been replaced by squeaky clean drum kits. Synthesized keyboard melodies are the popular go-to while the chopped obscure sample is frowned upon. Who wants to pay for samples, right? And if that weren't enough, the clever, socially conscious emcee has traded in skill for...swagger. It's a sad day if you are a fan of the boom-bap but AOK alumni, 8thW1 and the 2 Hungry Bros have a solution that is sure to change your outlook with their collaborative effort No Room For Dessert.

Fresh off of the release of their acclaimed compilation LP, Table Manners, the 2 Hungry Bros. production duo Deep and Ben Boogz provide a backdrop of compositions that are bound to cause whip-lash amongst the most stiff-necked critics. Meanwhile, for those who need more than good beats in their iPod, 8thW1 brings witty and intelligent bars with a touch of humor wrapped in an effortless flow reminiscent of the wordsmiths of the early 90's Golden Era. This combination of the two musical entities on this project boasts a balanced tracklist that showcases variety while maintaining consistency making it an easy listen from start to finish.

With features from AOK crew mates (Fresh Daily, Homeboy Sandman and P.So), Von Pea of Tanya Morgan, Reef the Lost Cauze and more, this is a must have for the hip-hop fan who is tired of the sweet stuff. No Room For Dessert, indeed!

For more information on No Room For Dessert, the 2 Hungry Bros, 8thw1, check out

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